Naseem Medical Centre has evolved to be the best in the country for eye care. The hospital has several departments within its premises to provide premier care to all its patrons, ranging from the department of ophthalmology to cardiology, paediatrics, radiology and several more departments to fulfil its commitment to the society and considered as the best reliable institution in the field of healthcare. The hospital promises and provides comprehensive care through complete eye care packages right from screening and treatment for common eye problems to serious vision problems that may lead to partial or complete loss of eyesight. Our ophthalmology department in the hospital provides sophisticated care in the field of adult and paediatric eye care by using state of the art laboratories and equipment for its procedures. It is important to get timely eye care, because problems of the eyes can lead to serious health issues, if not evaluated on time. Our ophthalmologists are well-trained and experienced in the latest technologies ensuring you are in safe hands when you come for treatment.

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At Naseem Medical Care, We offer a wide range of comprehensive eye care services by our expert Ophthalmologists,who is a specialist in medical and surgical eye disease. The ultimate goal of the medical centre is Patient Satisfaction, who is guided by the philosophy of personalized care at an affordable cost. For our medical Centre, we have our own Optical Shop where our staffs are ready to assist in your visional problems with best-suited products for your eyes at reasonable rates.

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