Health is wealth they say. And we never realize it value until we find it at risk. Many of us must frequently visit hospitals and clinics which in turn lead to spending a fortune over health issue from diabetes, heart attack, stroke, renal failure etc. But what we miss often or overlook is most prominent fact as far as hospital is concerned which is HEALTH INSURANCE. Medical Insurance is an insurance policy that ensure that you get cashless or expense reimbursement.

In recognition of the high standard of medical care and facilities available in Naseem Medical Centres in Al Rayyan & Doha is affiliated with many Insurance Companies based in Qatar and the Middle East, have an agreement for treatment of employees and members wherein they can avail cashless and hassle-free services. Our clinics in Doha & Al Rayyan offers a complete package of services which can cater to employees’ healthcare needs.

  • Your insurance card and QID must be submitted at all times when availing treatment.
  • Read your insurance policy and benefits carefully.
  • Some insurance policies include a patient deductible (fixed amount or a fixed percentage).
  • Some Insurances may not available in all our clincs.
QLM Insurance
Axa Insurance
Daman Insurance
SEIB Insurance
Globmed Insurance
Allianz Insurace
Doha Insurance
Interglobal Insurance
MEDNET Insurance
Metlife Insurance
Doha Bank Assurance Company
Beem Insurnace
NAS Insurance
SAICO Insurance
Alkhaleej Insurance
Aetna Insurance
Vanbreda Insurance
Cigna Insurance
MSH International
Almadallah Healthcare Management
Qatar General Insurance
Gemes Insurance
Alkoot Insurance
GMC Services
Islamic Insurance
libano Insurance
Seven Corners
Henner Insurance
Neuron Insurance
Amity Insurance
BNI Insurance
Whealth International
Nextcare Insurance
Wapmed Insurance
Inayah TPA

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