Medical Centre

Naseem Medical Centre, C Ring Branch, is one of the finest Medical Centre in Doha, providing premier and state-of-the-art medical facilities in the province. We are committed in delivering quality, patient-focused and cost-effective healthcare by implementing inventive yet responsible practices.

As a part of Naseem Medical Centre, our expertise continues to strive for better health for patients. We promote healthcare revolution by building up on strong foundations of knowledge, while our caregivers focus on compassion assisted by advanced technology. The hospital at Doha continuously provides groundbreaking medical performance by covering all aspects of medical care. We are always at the forefront to adopt new medical challenges while providing top-notch patient care, thereby setting the highest standards of care and new benchmarks. Patients requiring specialists care gets safe and expert treatment, taking the idea of healthcare to a whole new level.

Our experts at Doha Clinics are supported in their work by nurses, therapists and other specialist clinical staff who are trained and are experts in their particular fields. We look ahead for further developments and a continued fidelity to provide the best healthcare to our community.

Emergency care in Doha

Naseem C Ring has an Emergency Department to deal with urgent cases and to provide initial treatment to patients. The hospital is emerging to be the principal healthcare provider in Qatar and promises safe, effective and most compassionate care to people coming with urgent medical conditions.

If you are looking for Emergency care in Doha, Naseem C Ring has all the facilities, specially trained healthcare providers, skilled support staff and assistants to provide the required treatment.

Our emergency care section in Doha facilitates efficient transition into the hospital as soon as the patient arrives and ensures an accurate triage of assessments and tests. The team of consultants, specialist doctors and nurses first assess the patient’s condition and prioritize the series of treatments to be followed.

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