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World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated on 20th October to raise global awareness on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bone related diseases. An entire day is dedicated to this dangerous bone disorder that affect millions of lives every day. Osteoporosis or porous bones is a condition that weakness the bones from within, not to speak of the pain the sufferer has to endure throughout. The bones and the joints in the body becomes weak, because they have less bone mass and strength and sponge-like making them susceptible to fractures. Bones like that will lead to sudden and unexpected breakage and fractures. 

Osteoporosis is a condition that develops when there is no new bone creation, as the body absorbs the old bones. This happens with age, but some people can have early onset of the disease too. 

Why bone health is important
The bones of your body are constantly changing. New bones are made, old one are broken down. When a person is young, that’s when the bone health is at its peak because the body makes new bones faster than it breaks down old bones. The peak age for bone health is 30, and your likelihood to develop osteoporosis will depend on how much bone mass you’ve attained around age 30. If you have high peak bone mass, then you are less likely to develop osteoporosis in your life. Apart from that, there are other conditions too that can gauge whether you are at risk of osteoporosis. 

  • Amount of calcium in the body
  • Lack of physical activity 
  • Women are at greater risk
  • Extremely thin people
  • Too many thyroid hormones in the body
  • Eating disorders 
  • Low oestrogen levels
  • Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis 
  • Certain medicines
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Asian women and women of white origin. 

Lifestyle changes, proper diet, avoiding searching for good and treatment can make life easier. There is no complete cure for osteoporosis, but you can definitely learn to live pain-free, with the right combination of treatments. If you suffer through any of the above problems, it is wise to seek an appointment with a doctor and analyse your bone health so you can avoid issues in the future. At Naseem, you can consult with the best orthopaedics, so don't wait.

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