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Tooth sensitivity happens when the teeth become exposed to various elements, including the kind of food you eat. This condition happens overtime, and improper brushing and poor oral hygiene can hasten the chances of sensitivity. The tooth is protected by enamel, and over time with poor and improper care or due to the intake of certain medication or even certain health conditions, the enamel would wear off exposing the inner part of the tooth known as dentine. Dentine lies just below the enamel and gums. The dentine has thousands of microscopic channels that stimulate the nerves inside the tooth.  When certain foods, hot and cold, touch the teeth, these nerves get triggered and sharp pain persists. 

How the dentist can treat tooth sensitivity

The sensitivity can happen with a chipped or cracked tooth, improper filling, gum diseases and cavities too. If you have sensitivity, it is wise to see a dentist before things worsen. Depending on the extent of damage, the dentist would advise treatment. 

In mild cases, the dentist might provide you with desensitising toothpaste and you can use that consistently. The toothpaste can help block out the pain and is usually available as OTC (Over The Counter).

In other cases, the dentist might give you a prescription based fluoride toothpaste to strengthen tooth enamel. The dentist might apply fluoride in the affected areas to block out the pain. 

Bonding is another process that dentists do for treating sensitive teeth. The dentist would apply bonding resin to the exposed root surfaces; the process is done with a local anaesthetic.

A surgical gum graft is another serious process that expert dentists do to treat sensitivity problem. If the tooth root has lost the gum tissue, then the dentist would take a small amount of gum tissue from the other part of your mouth, and graft it to the affected site. This would cover up the exposed tooth and control sensitivity. 

What can you do to prevent tooth sensitivity?

It’s when the hard, protective layer wears off badly that the sensitivity becomes really bad. So when you brush, brush with a soft brush at the right angle, don’t brush too hard or too fast. Side to side brushing the gum line can cause the enamel to wear away really quickly.

So if you scream in pain whenever you try to eat hot or cold foods, and sometimes even sour or sweet foods, then it is time to see your dentist. You can book an appointment with Naseem Medical Centre’s dental clinic in Rayyan to consult the best dentists in the area. It is better not to put off meeting with your dentist when it hurts, because it never gets better on its own.

It will not mend on its own, because the enamel will not grow on its own, nor will nerve endings cover-up on their own. You need to get that professionally checked out because getting treated at a good place is also so very important. Apart from getting that sensitivity checked out, you must also visit your dentist for regular screening and checkup. This can catch many issues even before they become fully formed and serious. 

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