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Tooth extraction is a procedure done at dental clinics when you have an impacted tooth. You can visit any reputed dental centre in Qatar to do this quick, outpatient procedure. Tooth extraction can be a daunting experience since a small amount of anaesthesia has to be applied, but with proper knowledge of the do’s and don’ts, it is possible to sail through it with minimal trauma. In the tooth extraction procedure, the impacted tooth or tooth roots would be removed carefully so that there is no damage to the surrounding tissues and the extraction socket would heal uneventfully and smoothly.

It is important to follow the written and verbal instructions delivered by the surgeons at the dental clinics in Qatar in order to avoid future complications and infections in the extracted area. These instructions are to be followed pre and post-extraction process to ensure proper healing and to prevent a dry socket. Check out these Do’s and Dont’s that you must observe for your root canal treatment in Wakrah to aid in proper aftercare. 

Follow the Do’s 


Proper rest is important after tooth extraction. Place your head on a slightly elevated position when you lie on the bed and avoid strenuous exercises for a day. 

Let the wound clot

A clot will form in the wound area, and allow it to heal. This is how it should be. The dentist would give you a gauze pad to bite on near the extraction area. This will put pressure on the wound and contain the bleeding. You may have to keep the gauge for as long as needed, and change the gauze every half an hour, more if needed. 

The Ice pack healing

Though you may feel numb in the tooth extraction area, it is advisable to apply an ice pack to cut down the swelling. The swelling may be there for a couple of days, but that is quite normal. You can apply the ice pack for as long as needed, but it is important to apply the pack on the day of the extraction to aid in easy healing and recovery. 

Take only soft and easy to eat meals

Soups, juice, milkshakes, yoghurts and smoothies would be perfect refreshments after tooth extraction. It would be soft on the mouth and easy to digest. 

Avoid the Dont’s 

Don’t eat hard meals right after the extraction

Wait for about 45 minutes after the extraction process to consume liquids or semi-solid food. But avoid having liquid foods with a straw. For foods requiring bite force, you may have to wait for 4-5 hours. 

Avoid taking painkillers on your own

Contact your dentist at the dental centre in Qatar if the pain is too much or if the swelling isn’t going down. Some painkillers can avoid the blood clot formation, so it is totally unadvisable to take any pain medication on your own. 

Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking for a few days after the extraction process as it could lead to a horde of complications. It can dry out the socket area, weaken the blood and delay the healing process. 

Avoid sugary drinks

While juices are good enough, it would be good to have natural drinks, and not carbonated drinks or drinks with added sugar. That would definitely damage your teeth in the long run.

The tooth extraction process can be made a simple process if you follow the simple Dos and Dont’s. 

Now you don’t have to break into a cold sweat worrying about the pain of tooth extraction. At Naseem Al Rabeeh, one of the best dental clinics in Qatar, you get the best care from our skilled dentists.  

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