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According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), there is a link between oral and general health, and poor dental health can actually be an indication of some serious, underlying issue that you shouldn’t ignore. And having good overall health can reduce the risks of a number of whole-body diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and so on. Neglecting oral hygiene can even lead to periodontal or gum disease that is actually a major cause for cardiovascular diseases. 

Often you might feel pain and swelling of some sort in your body. Sometimes you know the reason for the pain, and sometimes you do not. Be aware because your body could be telling you something.  It is a way your immune system functions and ignoring those indications can turn serious.  

Meeting with a good dental professional can help you address the problem and correct them before they turn serious. Sometimes, it could be so minor as correcting your chewing, and sometimes it could be a big procedure that requires several sittings, but you can get it cleared if you visit at the right time. 

While studies regarding the connection between dental health and overall health are still underway, we can safely say that you need to be quite careful about your dental hygiene in order to enjoy excellent health. Follow simple dental rules like brushing/ flossing, following correct eating habits, and reducing the amount of sugar intake apart from other must-follow dental habits. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups to ensure you are healthy and fine. Naseem Medical Centre has an excellent Dentistry Department with skilled and knowledgeable doctors, including Indian doctors to help you with any dental query.

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