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Prescribed an MRI scan? A bit apprehensive, and perhaps confused about what to expect and how you should be prepared for it? MRI scan or Magnetic resonance imaging is nothing but a painless, non-invasive procedure that produces detailed images of the organs and tissues in the body. MRI scans are different from CT scans and X-rays, and would help in the diagnosis and monitoring of the different conditions of the body. 

The images taken from the scan would be sent to the doctor who prescribed the test, and this would help them figure out the problem. A good news with MRI is that it doesn’t have any ionizing radiation as opposed to X-rays and CT scan. However, you have to be quite still and not moving at all (hold your breath as well) while the MRI machine takes images of the body part, or the images won’t come out well. 

Preparing for the MRI isn’t complicated. You just have to take note of a few things:

Metal implants

If you have placed any metal in your body like vascular stents, pacemaker or inner ear implants, artificial joints or brain aneurysm clips, the medical staff ordering and conducting the MRI scan should be informed. There is a chance the metal could malfunction when you go under the scan. Similarly, leave your jewellery at home, as that could interfere with the magnetic field too. 

Pregnant women 

If you are pregnant, then the doctor would recommend a different test in order to avoid MRI scans. The magnetic field of the MRI can harm the foetus. 

If you are Claustrophobic 

You will be lying in an enclosed tube-shaped machine during the entire MRI scan procedure. This could be claustrophobic for some time, leading to anxiety and panic attacks. If you are not comfortable in tight spaces, let the doctor know and he/she would give you sedatives to calm you down. 

Specific conditions

If you have diabetes or kidney problems, let your doctor know of that as well. 

Once the MRI images are taken, the radiologist in Doha would share the images with the doctor, who would then analyse them, and tell you the results!

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