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Heartburn is an unpleasant experience that happens when the stomach acid surges up and burns its way up to your neck. It is indeed a burning sensation, hence the term ‘heartburn’. There are medications for this condition of course, but you can make certain lifestyle changes and get relief as well. Here are some of them:

Take smaller meals

Overeating can worsen acid reflux because there is too much pressure on the stomach muscles causing the acid to squeeze through the opening. Eating small meals with small bites would be much better. 

Low carb diet

Carbs can cause bacterial overgrowth and pressure inside the abdomen. This could make you go all gassy and bloated. 

Limit alcohol intake

Acid reflux will aggravate when alcohol is consumed. This is because alcohol relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, thereby impairing its ability to clear itself off the stomach acid. 

Keep a diary of what you eat

To actually know what foods trigger heartburn, you need to know what you’ve been consuming. Keep a diary, and the entrees would tell you what triggered it, and how to avoid it. 

If, irrespective of making lifestyle changes, making dietary changes and popping antacids more than twice a week, still leaves you with heartburn, then you might have to see a doctor for a condition called GERD or gastroesophageal reflux diseases, or maybe some other condition that your doctor would be able to help you with. Naseem Medical Centre in Doha has an excellent Gastroenterology department with highly skilled doctors to help you with this issue. You can consult with Indian gastroenterologists to know what medicines you need and what lifestyle changes you need to do to rectify whatever stomach issues you might have.

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