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A smile is one of the first things that one notices about a person’s appearance. Physical appearance often plays a huge role in a person's confidence. Teeth are the most important part of a smile, and it is normal for them to have some features that might lead people to be insecure about them. Some common issues with teeth that people find fault with include: 

  • discoloured teeth

  • missing teeth

  • tooth decay

  • crookedness

  • misaligned bite

  • small teeth

Beyond just causing insecurities regarding appearances, there can also be other health related issues raised due to poor dental health. Poor dental hygiene increases the chance for gum disease, tooth decay or mouth infections- which can lead to continual pain and chronic bad breath. This would in turn decrease self-confidence. Oral health is often reflective of overall health. Care for the teeth is care for the body.

The act of smiling has been found to have positive impacts on a person’s mental health- it releases feel-good chemicals both in the person who smiles and the ones who are smiled at. If a person has insecurities about their teeth, they become very conscious about their smiles- smiling close-lipped, covering their mouths when they smile, not smiling in pictures, etc. All this behaviour heightens anxiety and attacks one’s self-esteem.

Thus, finding a relevant solution to dental problems has become a problem of growing importance.Cosmetic Dentistry is one way to deal with this problem.

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gum and/or bite. It employs various methods to deal with aesthetical problems of the teeth.

For instance, a dental clinic would easily be able to fix the problem of small teeth. With use of gum grafts, bonding, caps, dental material can be added to teeth to fill it to be the appropriate size. 

Similarly, whitening treatments like bleaching, laser whitening, gum depigmentation can help tackle discolouration in teeth.

Dental clinics may suggest braces to straighten crooked teeth. Invisibraces- a kind of transparent brace has been gaining popularity in recent times. In certain cases, reshaping of teeth, where the enamel is removed, can replace the need for braces.

In the case of missing teeth, dentists may suggest implant treatment, where they use dental implants or prosthetic replacements for missing teeth.

Dental hygiene is a prevalent issue and something that can be easily remedied in most cases with proper care. The earlier we are to treat it, the easier it is to solve. However, it is important to get qualified dentists to get the expected results. At Naseem al Rabeeh, we take pride in our dental clinic. At our dental centre, we provide our patients with a friendly environment to treat their problems. With us, that perfect smile you've been waiting for is just a trip away! Come visit us at our Dental centre in Qatar and avail of our services.

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